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Here, I thought you might find this funny

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These things actually made me crack up here in Spain...

First is these Beefeater gin ads... so fucking ridiculous! I talked to the englishman and showed him these, and he said they dont have ads like that in England. We decided someone has a conspiracy to really push Beefeater gin hard here.



And then this..while I was flipping through the channels of the TV in Salobreña...lo and behold..MTV España!! hilarious. so over the top intense. just like the states.


So, I leave you with that, and I will go now and explore Sevilla in the daylight.

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Sevilla First Day

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Hello from Sevilla. Last night was my first night here, and I was pleasantly surprised to make friends with some people at the hostel. And finally some people to speak in english to. We met over at the dinner table with 2 bottles of wine. They wanted to go out, and hell after being alone for so long, I did too. After drinking wine for 2 hours til 12, we went out into the night. Myself, an englishman, a scott, a guy from montreal living in france, a guy from portland, and a guy from arizona. what a team we made! I had a great time. We only went to 3 bars because most were slow or closed because it was easter sunday, but we didnt get home til 5 am. We went to look for another bar, but obviously after some walking it wasnt where we were, and so the arizonian climbed an orange tree, but the oranges were awful and we ran spitting and gagging. The englishman and the guy from arizona were my favorites. The last bar we went to was the most poppin gay bar ive ever seen. probably the most busy bar last night in Sevilla. Ralph would have been so so intimidated. The arizionian got groped by the hugest transvestite ..post op... we noticed... in zebra stripes. It was a hilarious bar. The guys i was with were getting looked up and down like chunks of meat. I was happily ignored. They were dissapointed by the ring on my finger. I just laughed. They asked about my man at home, and I just stood there smiling, dreaming of Brian, thinking of the perfect thing to say about him. But all that came to mind was... uh he´s the greatest man ive ever met. but that sounded so cheesy so i said he was a musician. Unfortunatly, I dont have any pictures... and now that i think about it, im not sure i would want any! yikes. men in tight short dresses...

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Mi Pequeño Salobreña

My last day in Salobreña, then off to Sevilla.

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Salobreña was probably a savior of mine. I had plenty of time to rest, enough sun shine, and air, and sea winds, and mediteranean sea spray, and food to make for a wonderful time. The very first night I got here, there was a procession, and I swear sometimes the tourist understands more than the natives. It was a procession to honor the sufferage of Christ, and there must have been 20, nay 50 people holding up a huge block with a staute of jesus on it. It was awesome, and spellbinding, and I felt the passion of the people for their faith more strongly than I ever have.

here are the pictures of it, which just dont show how slow and awesome this procession was. These people literally moved one step at a time, the whole things swaying side to side like someone deep in prayer.


And the side view...


The next day I went out to the beach, and to the castle on top of the hill. I got a little sunburnt.. oy and I got very sleepy from all the fresh air. I am determined to come back with sexy golden, but not cancerous, skin. Seville rooftop sunbathing here I come!



The Beach here had these amazing rocks on it.. I stared at them for probably an hour.


They went all the way to the sea..


The restaurant I ate at..I had an avocado salad and a beer and a coffee. Umm..one hint. Beer and coffee dont mix. Only wine and coffee. Anyway, they had this octopi next the the fire, and they looked very wiggily yet tastey.


One could see the castle from the beach. I decided to make my way up the ascent.


It took me forever to get up the hill..mountain..hell walk.. but the streets on the way there were great.



Finally! I got to the castle and walked around. once again, no railings. There was even one part where people were dozing that was next to a shear cliff! Even I am too much of a wuss for that!


When I left the castle I realized there was a straight shot street up the hill to the castle and I had winded around for what seemed like hours. So I went home and passed out. And read a steven king novel I found?

The next day, yesterday, I went to go start a painting. This is what I was painting, but it got dark before I finished...


And then...this is the hallway to my room. You can see the door to my room on the left. The plants are in an open air kind of patio .. and this is the second floor! very neat eh?


One last thing... I went to the store today, and the wine was so cheap I actually giggled aloud.

This was the botton shelf:


This was the top shelf:


Ah, why cant wine be that cheap in the States? Id probably be a lot more drunk....

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My trip to the Mezquita between bus trips.

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I went to the Mezquita yesterday. I HAD to squeeze it in between two bus journeys because I think the Alhambra is all booked up in Granada. This was one of the most, maybe the most, amazing structures I have ever seen. Just to think all the history and time and energy and faith put into the ideas that are the ground floor for this building. Truely phenomenal!

This is the first view I had of it when walking through the gate.


This is another part outside...


This was the very first thing I saw once inside... so grand!


Then on around ... Beautiful workmanship...


These pillars were everywhere throughout the Mezquita...


And the different wings held numerous other archways.



Then I went into the most wonderfully ornate room I have ever seen in my life... it was at the center ... this was the ceiling in there...


This was one of the chairs...


And brian, if you like the organ, you will absolutely LOVE this one:


Then, leaving the actually building, more exterior shots:



And my newfound love of olive trees...


Then when leaving the walls surrounding the Mezquita... a horse and carriage...


And on the outside of the wall was this very nice painting.


And back up to the train station.


And here is me, happy in cordoba!


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Ah Madrid, how I still detest thee...

However I shall make a late post, and put up some pretty pictures of the city.

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Madrid was, at best, a short nightmare. But it is over now and I am somewhere relaxing and beautiful... and that smells like nag champa.

So here is what I did in Madrid when I was not looking for somewhere to spend the night...

This is the train station. Intimidating at night, but really close to everything in the day time. And a lovely forest inside!´


I went to the largest park Ive ever seen. There were musicians, boat rides, statues, policia on horseback, food venders, gardens..and more!


This was my favorite statue set in the park...


These were at the botanical garden... These trees must have been 100 years old! they were the largest Bonsai trees I have ever seen...



This was a view over Madrid...


And this was an Egyptian monument which was sent to Spain in thanks. But I wonder how they got it there??


I took this picture for my mom, because I know how she likes tulips... they were very beautiful and very red.


And this was another great statue by the last place I stayed. Everything is so epic in Spain!


And lastly, this is me trying to leave Madrid. Notice all the trains that are full "tren completo"... thankfully Madrid let me leave her.


SO that was Madrid.... I would go back during the off season, but not during Semana Santa again!

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This entire entry is dedicated to Brian

You will see why. Maybe. If you are Brian.

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Hello! This is a late posting of some sights in Valencia. Remember the gates to the city? One day when I was walking around, one was open to climb. All the way to the top! I know Brian would have absolutely freaked out.

First set of stairs...


Next set...


View from the first level of the gate...


Now view from the very top...


And another...


And yet another... It was such a grand city...


And, what Brian would love the most was this... there was NO railing anywhere to keep a tourist from jumping off, and you could go ANYWHERE on this thing. SO not American.


It was THE most exhilarating experience...racing to, yet trying to savor the climb, to the top.


PS, why are badasses always pointing?


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Sud-Americana Hostal Madrid

...has a place for me to stay. oy vey. I promise I´ll book places to stay next time I travel during semana santa. ..And I´ll eventually try and post my pictures of madrid. This computer is from the dark ages.

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