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Why I Dislike Madrid

Some of it is my fault.


Hello. I have been in Madrid the last two nights. And supposedly I am supposed to stay tonight, but I have no where to stay. Smart me. So, I get here for the first night, and...

-the train station is intimidating
-I take the metro and when I get off I promptly have a tachycardia attack for half an hour
-I go to the hostel I was thinking of, and no one answers
-I get into the building, and go to the door, and no one answers
-i get STUCK in the building because you need a key to get out
-finally I get out
-A couple who speaks 5 words in english try and help me find a place, they bustle me all over the city
-I find a place. its $82 for the night
-I am back where I started by the metro stop
-next day I find a place for 25 eu. I am relieved.
-i start to feel better and check out some sights.
-I go home to the place and i am thinking I´ll get up early and see some sights
-the place has cockroaches. lots of them.
-i leave the light on all night for fear they will crawl on my face.
-i get no sleep.
-construction at 8 am. I get up and theres a cockroach in my jacket.
-i have now been wandering for 2 hours and I cant find a place to stay for the night. I´m considering leaving this damned city.
-I need a shower. I still imagine cockroaches crawling on me.
-i havent eaten.
-if only i had listened to my mother.
-i´m booking hostels for the rest of my trip.
-there are 2 million words for places to stay here and are very confusing... hotel, hostal, hostel, pension, habitacion, and a few others that i cant even remember right now. send me some best wishes, i need it.

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Last day in valencia

semi-overcast 22 °C

And I feel ill.

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The city of Valencia.

Can I drink unpasturized milk? What´s the word for.....?

semi-overcast 15 °C
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Hola from Valencia, Spain. The keyboard takes a little getting used to. I like this city a lot. It is very old, and has many interesting sites. I went and saw a beautiful botanical garden yesterday. I must have wandered for hours. It was very relaxing, and they had plants from all over the world!

Here are some delightful cacti...


To my cebolla...


un gato botanical...


And I pretty much meandered around the city all day. I ate some tastey tapas. I oreder un bocadillo queso y calamares and got 2 sandwiches intead of the calamari separate! Oops! But the place was very friendly, and cheap. I love trying to speak Spanish because it keeps my brain extremely active.

He says, "Learn Spanish, Damnit!"


This was the view from my first hostel. I have since had to move. The Hostel was very nice, and I met a nice French couple who shared wine and strawberries with me.


Also by the Hostel. And I musy say that Valencia Oranges are some of the best I´ve tasted. Brian! Let´s get an orange tree STAT!


I feel like posting all my pictures, so here are two gates into the city.


Alright, that is all for now. I have to eat and make my way to la playa. (the beach) Love to all! -Maggie

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Leaving so soon?

I leave for the airport in 4 and a half hours and I'm still packing??

The sub headline says it all. I'm delirious. I didn't finish somethings I wanted to. I'm hungry and have to pack and be up at 05:30. I waited until this week to do almost everything. I still haven't booked a place to stay in Madrid. I just bought my ticket to the Azores....

HERE I COME VALENCIA! better watch out!

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5 more days.

Waiting until the last minute is my charm.


I have so many things to do before my trip. Anything from laundry, to buying a digital camera, to finishing school work, to cleaning the house, to calling VISA and looking at Eurail passes. Aye!

I still cannot believe that I'm going. I'm embarking on my first trip alone. I don't think it will hit me until I'm standing in the Valencia airport and everyone is speaking Spanish!

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Are people really reading my stumpy little journal? I'm considerably confused because I didn't start this thing very long ago, yet It seems like a lot of people have looked at the page. Who are all of you? Can you say hi? Or is travellerspoint just trying to make me feel good by faking numbers of viewers? I know the journal isn't much yet, I'm just killing time. If anyone IS out there, maybe introduce yourself. Otherwise, I'm just going to think that the site is trying to pull my leg!

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"A working class hero is something to be"


you smell like you've played music
one too many times in a dingy warehouse

you taste like red wine that you've been
swigging from the bottle

you sound like a long and forgotten rant
that I'm still listening to

you feel like a map from early times
born clearly into the wrong era

you feel like an old oak tree in england
you've seen so many things

you feel like you can't distinguish
between our legs and arms intertwined

you feel one and nothing
at the same time.

Oh, Brian.

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